Sara Curruchich in the Zócalo of Mexico City, 2020.


Being a woman in Guatemala is an act of resistance ....


Being a Mayan Kaqchikel woman as well as an artist is not only a political statement, but an act of defiance


What I want to do is make people happy with my music and fight as best I can to have some influence in political and cultural space.


Sara Curruchich in Concert

Old Cabell Hall.

Thursday, February 22, 2024. 7 pm

Free concert for all. Reserve your tickets now:

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Sara Curruchich: UVA Ruffin Distinguished Artist-in-Residence:

On Campus

Monday, February 19: Morning and early afternoon. Class visits. 7 pm Projection of Sara Curruchich’s movie “Desde nuestro muxu´x” at Casa Bolivar.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024. 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Workshop focused on indigenous issues of the Americas (Auditorium of the Harrison Institute).

Thursday, February 22, 2024. 12-2:00 pm “Making Noise with Sara Curruchich” in the Music Library.

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Sara Curruchich: UVA Ruffin Distinguished Artist-in-Residence:

In the Community

Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Immigration & Indigeneity, Community gathering and dinner reception at Visible Records

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Sara Curruchich - Indigenous Woman

"Empecé a cantar a raíz de sentirme violentada y vulnerada como mujer indígena"
"I started singing because I felt not be respected and violated as an indigenous woman"
TVE interview by Leticia Romero 10.26.2021

Sara Curruchich and music

"The thing about music is that even if people don’t understand the lyrics, music is a universal language,” she says. “For me it’s important to look people in the eye. The gaze is very deep and even a look can transport you to a different place."

Recent awards and recognitions

January 19, 2024. Sara Curruchich wins award as Revelation Artist at the International Folk Music Awards 2024. Rising Tide Award recipient 2024. This award celebrates a new generation (under 30) artist who inspires others by embodying the values and ideals of the folk community.

January 12, 2024. French Embassy in Guatemala decorates Sara Curruchich with the French Republic's Order of Arts and Letters, in the rank of Knight, for her contributions to to music and to art in general. Sara said "I am honored by this recognition, because for indigenous peoples the word around the fire, between the furrows, on the road, has always been a channel to travel to the space of knowledge, to the heart, to the spirit..."

December, 10, 2023. Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. Sara Curruchich participated at the Human Rights 75 gala, a special concert that brought together artists from around the world to defend human rights. (see Sara Curruchich in minute 6:17 in the included video)